Did you know?

You can organise a "drop all home" ride in a few clicks!

How: Create a ride as usual and simply share the link with your group.

Your guests can simply join to the shared ride and add their home addresses as stops.

The UK's first taxi pooling service
Car Share + Taxi = Share & Ride

done 1. Book a ride or join one

done 2. Get refunds when people join in

done 3. Get to your destination



Business or Holiday travel, Day trips, Music, Sport or any Events, whatever is your destination we take you there effectively with our fully covered professional drivers.

Beat the trains and buses, use our platform to create new trips or join to existing trips. We are giving several options to save money by booking through us.

  • Pay the full price of a trip and be refunded after each person joins in
  • Pay only part of the trip, then if enough people joins in the trip it will become active, otherwise we refund you the money
  • Travel alone like you would do with other taxis, but if we get someone coming back with the same car we refund 20% of your money

Can car share and private hire be effectively combined?

Classic car sharing services require a fair amount of luck to find a suitable ride.
Private hire - as we all know it - doesn't allow sharing once the ride is booked.

What if there was a service where you book a private hire and others can join in almost until the ride takes place? This way empty seats can be sold in the car making it cheaper for everyone. Operating fewer cars helps reducing congestion and benefits the environment.

If you like the idea, we have a good news for you! Share & Ride is exactly this!


Sharing is Caring

Meet amazing people while protecting the environment. When two taxies go to the same direction each having two empty seats, they could be united and less fuel to be used. This is one of our approaches about caring the Planet.

So how is it still door-to-door?

All passengers are allowed to add stops to the rides. You'll be picked up and dropped off exactly where you want to.

Let there be trees!

Did you know?

We are investing 1% of our revenue to plant trees in the UK and all around the world.

Every leaf counts.

Going electric

With your help, we can go all electric in the foreseeable future. By using our services, you support our aspiration to operate only electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.