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Be Our Partner!

We are happy to announce our pilot programme that starts in early 2020. It gives the option to 25 selected businesses to provide a cool new way for their customers to visit them and be dropped home after.
You are eligible if at least 2 of the following applies to your business
  • Your business operates in Bristol and South West England.
  • Your site is remote so people may experience difficulties to visit
  • You frequently organise events
  • Your opening times involve late nights or early mornings
  • You sell alcohol
  • You don't have parking facilities nearby
The potential benefit

People who plan to visit your site are likely to stay longer, engage in more activities and consume more if they know they don't need to drive home or take any form of public transport. They'll also appreciate the fact that they potentially pay much less for a shared ride than if they'd call a regular taxi.

The pilot programme

If your business operates in the North Somerset area, then it is possible at this moment to organise a ride to your site on our website. Let's say, John Smith decides to celebrate his 35th birthday there and wants to drop all his friends home after, he'd go to our website, and would share the link with his mates where they can join in, add drop-off points and get it sorted.

We thought that it would be very cool if venues could embed a widget in their websites that lets people directly book rides there or from there to their homes. This widget could communicate with our servers real-time and so provide information of the available rides for the day and time. It takes the weight off the shoulders of your customers organising their way to get home, while it is fun and cost-effective.

Then we asked around and found that most of our current users would appreciate if they could book on their favourite places' websites.

So we went to work and built the ecosystem around this feature. Before the full roll out, we'd like to give a chance to 25 selected businesses to give it a try completely free of charge and provide feedback we can use to further improve the feature.

What is included and how to implement it
  1. We first register your business details in our system and generate your unique token.
  2. Then you'll be given access to our widget-demo environment where you can test all 9 types of widgets.
  3. Once you decide which one(s) to use, we'll provide full implementation support (including our developer doing it for you if needed).

We keep track of how many people have clicked through each widget and how many bookings we've had through each of them. You can have this data free of charge once a month.


Our developers will be available to answer your technical questions regarding to the widgets.

Advanced features

In phase 2 (early March 2020), we'll role out a whole new section about day-trips and recommendations. By taking part in the widget pilot programme, your business will also enjoy early access and lowered prices for a period.

To register your interest, simply email us on support@shareandride.co.uk, submit the contact form on our website or call on 07715295672.