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Design your own Shared Airport Transfer

So you need to get to one of the airports in the UK from the South-West? As we know it is often painful to find the right service. Flights often depart at odd times while most airports are located outside the city center, so it takes another train or bus service to get there.

You may consider an airport shuttle or a regular taxi. Taxis come quite heavy on the pricing side while shuttle services are quite rigid by their nature, so you are still required to drag your baggage to the pick up point.

We have a good news for you!

What if there was a service where you can design your shared airport shuttle in a few clicks?

If it sounds good to you, let's see how it is made simple and effective for your benefit


You have 3 options. All of them designed for a common use case.

Option 1: Use us just like you would use a regular taxi. Book in advance online and make it an individual non-shared trip.

Even this way you could save money on your airport trip. After your booking came through we will work really hard to find people coming back the opposite way using the same car. If it's happens we will refund 20% of your money.

Option 2: Make it "open to join" for other people, then pay it in full upfront and get money back at joins

  1. You book a ride and pay its price upfront. (example: From Bristol Centre to Bristol Airport: £28)
  2. Someone requests to join in and the system offers £14.
  3. The person pays £14 and you get £14 back.
  4. The same pattern goes on as more people join.

Option 3: Make it "open to join" for other people, then pay your share and secure the ride when enough people joined

  1. You need to go to Heathrow and consider Share&Ride but only if we can beat the price of an off-peak train ticket.
  2. You book a ride (£168) but only pay £56. The system lets you know that at least 3 people are required for the ride to take place.
  3. Your ride is published and others can join in.
  4. If not enough people joined, you get refunded (we only charge £1 processing fee)
  5. Of course if there are enough people, you take a taxi door-to-door for less than a train ticket.

It may sound a bit of a gamble but if you consider how many people are on their way every single day to Heathrow, it is actually quite easy to get enough people on board. Better yet, joiners can add pick-up and drop-off points, so the route does not need to match exactly their requirements. We also give you the option to share your booked trip easily on your favourite social media network, raising the chance of other joiners.

We do odd hours

No bus from where you live at the early hour you need? No worries! You can book your ride around the clock.

From where you live

Living in a small town far from cities? If you live in the South-West of England or in Bristol and surroundings, we are at your service. You can specify either when you'd like to be picked up or when you need to arrive.

All London Airports Covered

At last, let's see some real-world examples:

Route Full price Price share only (min 3 people)
Bristol BS1 - BRS
Bristol Airport
£27 £9
Bristol BS1 - LHR
London Heathrow
£168 £56
Bristol BS1 - LGW
London Gatwick
£204 £68
Bristol BS1 - LTN
London Luton
£204 £68
Bristol BS1 - STN
London Stansted Airport
£261 £87

By paying the full price, the ride is secured, so we'll take you no matter what. If 2 joiner shows up, you get 2/3-rd of your money back in a form of an automatic partial refund. It goes straight back to your card.

If more than 2 people joins, the price drops even further!

Well, thank you for reading this page! We would love to help you in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Book your first ride here, or browse rides here. If you have any questions, give us a shout! You can email us on support@shareandride.co.uk or use the contact form in this website. See you soon!