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Event Transfers

Sarah's all-time favourite band will perform a live show in London next month. She is very excited and buys two tickets immediately as it becomes available. Sarah and her friend then start looking for the simplest way to get to the show and home safely afterwards. Share&Ride Events is here to help Sarah and people in similar shoes.

Find out how

Book in advance there and back

Take advantage of our simple yet powerful on-line booking platform! You can create a ride that fellow fans can join to lowering the cost for everyone. Automatic price-splitting is unique to our service and once you try it, you'll be hooked!

We'll wait

Once the ride is created there and back, we'll wait for you once the event is over. Yes, it is simple! No more public transport or taxi hunting and no need to find a designated driver, not even a pricey hotel room to stay just for the night. Forget all of those, have a peace of mind and enjoy your event while we take care of your journey.

Save by sharing

Yes, you've guessed it! As our name suggests, we do have something to do with sharing. :) In fact we are offering advanced and probably the simplest automated ride sharing service in the UK! You can either book a ride and enable people to join in, or you can join to existing rides. Browse the currently available rides here.

Share the ride with your friends and groups to attract joiners! This way you will not only go together with people equally looking forward to the event, but you all help each other saving money!

Share a ride on any of the most popular social media platforms by a single click, or send it in email instantly!

On Time

As you will see, you can specify the time of the arrival. More interestingly, this feature continues to apply to shared rides where joiners add extra stops. Even though we pick more people up at various locations, you still can expect to arrive on-time, so when the event starts, you are ready!


How can a shared ride still be door-to-door? Well, we have asked this question ourselves many times and believe to have found the best answer. Joiners can add extra stops, therefore the ride may take somewhat longer, yet still everyone is travelling exactly from and to where they want to.

In case of an event, it means that there's absolutely no need for any other form of transportation to get to the event nor to get home after. If you either let more people join or join yourself, we'll pick you up where you want and drop home.

Try it!

Well, thank you for reading this page! We would love to help you in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Book your first ride here, or browse rides here.
Please feel free to give us a shout! You can email us on support@shareandride.co.uk or use the contact form in this website. See you soon!