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Executive taxi service

Introducing the easiest way of booking a long-distance taxi

  • Need to book a journey for multiple people?
  • Want to add various pick up locations?
  • Want to specify the arrival time?
  • Do you want to do it easier than you've ever thought possible?
  • Are you also seeking options to cut off your or your company's carbon footprint?

We are here to help you!

Probably the simplest on-line booking to date

Let us introduce you to our on-line booking portal and ride-management platform that is designed to be simple and a pleasant experience to work with. It is absolutely possible to register and book a journey for 4 people (all picked up at their homes) to go to another city and arrive at your desired time, in under 5 minutes.

Try it!

Peace of mind when you booked

With other ride hailing apps you might don't have any available cars in the area at the time you're trying to book a trip. Or even if you were able to book, there is still a chance (lack of professionalism) that your driver will cancel the trip leaving you in stress and wasting your valuable time. Well this would never happen with us, once you booked, you are in good hands. We will take care of your journey in the most professional way and never letting you down.

Intuitive trip management

Once you have booked a trip, you can manage it in your account. You may make changes, add stops, people and luggage at any point until your trip is sealed.

Travel Itinerary

Passengers are provided with a travel itinerary that contains all necessary information such as the stops, estimated arrival times and information about your driver and vehicle.

Executive vehicles and professional service

You and your associates are in safe hands. Our vehicles and drivers are fully licensed as well as our customer service team is at your service between 10am and 9pm every day.

Cutting of your carbon footprint

If you or your company looking for environment friendly options we are one of your best choice. We are supporting reforestation from our revenue to offset CO2 from the air, and using hybrid or fully electric cars whenever we possibly can to support clean air wherever we taking people.

Well, thank you for reading this page! We would love to help you in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Book your first ride here, or browse rides here.
Please feel free to give us a shout! You can email us on support@shareandride.co.uk or use the contact form in this website. See you soon!