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Holiday Transfers

Joel has just booked his dream holidays for his family. He knows that they will have plenty of luggage and need to be at London Gatwick Airport at an early hour. Joel wants everything to be perfectly organised well in advance. What will Joel do?

Book transfer online

To make a booking with us online takes about 2 minutes. The rides are listed and can be managed in your account. We send your itinerary 24 hours before your travel. Our driver will send you a text message one hour before your journey about his exact arriving time.


Your itinerary features all necessary information to make it easy to travel with us. It shows all pick up and drop off locations and their times, the vehicle's type, make, colour and registration. Don`t worry that doesn`t mean you will have one more thing to print out and risk to loose it somewhere. You don`t need to print out your itinerary, it is more than enough if you show it from your phone to the driver, who will be able to scan the QR code from your phone in seconds.

Support and customer service

We are here to answer your queries every day between 9 am till 9 pm via email. You may send us messages from within your account making it easier to locate your ride.

Return journey

For the perfect holidays, it is equally important that you get home from the airport safely and completely hassle-free. To book a return journey is just as simple as it sounds. We'll wait for you at the airport, help you with your luggage and take you and your family home safely. We can offer Meet and greet service too for even more convenience.

Once a ride is booked, you can sit back and relax knowing that you're in good hands.

Yes, you can save money on us!

We offer multiple ways for our customers to save money. We are ambassadors of taxi-pooling in the UK! Let's see how can we work together to make it even more affordable to everyone.

Return journeys

As soon as you book your airport transfer, we'll create another ride coming back. Our car needs to get back anyway, so if we find someone we can bring back, we'll refund 20% of your ride.


Ride-sharing is a powerful concept and possible implementations are researched and promoted by governments from Seoul to Washington. Our way of doing it is simple and very effective. Your ride can be simply posted on a public board where anyone can join in. When it happens, we split the price equally meaning the ones have paid already will get money back and new joiners pay equally less, so it is fair for everyone.

All in all it is possible to save up to 50-75% on an airport transfer.

Try it!

Well, thank you for reading this page! We would love to help you in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Book your first ride here, or browse rides here.
Please feel free to give us a shout! You can email us on support@shareandride.co.uk or use the contact form in this website. See you soon!