How to Book

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Create your trip

Once you have registered, you can start creating trips and joining in to others.

It is like setting your sat nav! The booking takes less than a minute. You can manage your trips in your account.

Go to planner
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Accept and Publish

One of our team members reviews and confirms your trip and once it is paid either in full or partially, we'll publish it.
You can also create private trips. These are not available for joiners.
We'll send you email updates and you can manage your trips in your account.

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Others join in

If your trip is public, people will see it and can send join requests.

We review all requests individually and so build your trip. As more people travel, the price splits between more people and so drops.

Browse trips
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Partial refund

Upon new people joining in, the price for each passenger drops (in most cases).

Then we'll issue a partial refund for those paid already.

Read T&C-s
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In 24 hours before your travel, we'll finalise your trip and no longer allow new joiners in.

You'll receive your itinerary in email. Please show it to your driver.

There is no need to print it out, we'll only need to scan the qr code on it.

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Travel in comfort

We'll then take you where you need to go door-to-door in comfort!

Then we'll separate 1% of the price and give it to a not-for-profit organisation to plant trees in the UK and around the world.