Calling all Commuters, Managers and Parents

If you are not a freelancer or a full-time mom, you are very likely to face some of the challenges of getting to work. Using your own car involves parking cost - if you are not in the lucky situation that your workplace has a parking lot. If parking is free, you still need to pay for fuel, while driving to work every-day may also be an unwanted hassle. Of course you can cram yourself onto a bus or enjoy the rain on your bike.

You may also vote for the no-brainer option and agree with your colleagues to do some car-sharing. As this is often the case, it works out just fine if all goes well. If not however, you might get in late because of your colleague sleeping in or had his or her car broken. In this case you still can take a taxi, hop on a bus or bring about your good old slightly rusty bike from the shed. If it is you at the wheel, it can become stressful to go around to pick up everyone, while if your car won't start on a cold winter morning, surely you give your colleagues a nasty start for the day.

So, is there a better option?

What if there was a service that lets you book a ride you can share, so once you have shared it, your peers could join in by a few single clicks?
Sound good? We've got you covered! Let's see the details.

How much?

With car-sharing, price is a sensitive topic. Ask too much and you'll surely hear rumours being greedy. Ask less and soon discover that you always have to drive a bunch of colleagues to work for peanuts. At Share&Ride, we use a simple approach. The price is calculated by the distance and the size of the vehicle needed. Then we split the fare equally between the passengers. It is automatic and transparent.

Let's see an example:
  • You book a ride for £20.
  • Someone joins in and adds a stop.
  • The total cost increases by £4 as the distance grows slightly.
  • We then divide the £24 by 2 and charge the joiner £12 while we process an immediate partial refund of £8 to you. It goes straight back to your card, you don't have to do anything.
  • Let's take it one step further.
  • Another person would join in and the price goes up to £27 as the new stop further increases the distance. (The price often remains the same after joins. We use these numbers for demonstration only)
  • At this point, each person needs to pay £9, so you get another £3 back just as the first joiner, while the second joiner would need to pay only £9.
  • The same pattern repeats as new people join

It is fair don't you think?

Who's driving?

Share&Ride is a professional private-hire company. All our drivers and vehicles are fully-licensed. The journey times are calculated by the well-known Google maps platform and so you have the option to select the time of the pick-up or the arrival.

Share (and ride)

Each ride has an individual unique link that you can easily share on the most popular social media platforms or send in email. It takes very little effort to join in. Probably a little more than setting your sat-nav but not much really. You may also browse available rides on our website. Don't forget, you can add stops and so you travel door-to-door once the general direction is roughly matching your requirements.

Eco-friendly? Yes!

At this point, let's mention briefly that cars carrying only one person are quite wasteful. With our approach, it is possible to use less vehicles for the same amount of people as there's a high chance to fill up otherwise empty seats. On top, we plant trees. All right, it's not us who physically go out and plant them (we need to drive You to work after all :) ). Instead we donate 1% of our total revenues to plant trees in the UK and around the world. ...with your help!

For business owners, managers and parents

If you would like to be a superstar amongst your employees or want to sort-out the daily school run, we'd like to invite you for a chat. Please feel free to email or call us (request a phone number in email). We are wide-open to cooperate and organise identical rides with various frequencies. Every Friday business meeting in London? Thursday "all kids in your neighbourhood" drop to football training? Let us get you sorted!

What's next?

Well, thank you for reading this page! We would love to help you in a cost-effective and stress-free way. Book your first ride here, or browse rides here. If you have any questions, give us a shout! You can email us on or use the contact form in this website. See you soon!